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Project days about sustainable house and yard designs of the “Berufliche Schule der FAWZ gGmbH”, Julius-Pintsch-Ring 27 in 15517 Fürstenwalde/Spree

Monday, the 17.06.2019 and Tuesday, the 18.06.2019 from 8am to 1pm

Five school classes, which are in a vocational training to become a social worker or a nursery nurse, are going to take part on discussions and development processes about a sustainable future. They´re encouraged to implement their own ideas and try out new alternative perspectives in the development process of a sustainable society. The most important point of these two days is a creative examination with strategies of recycling and further use. Therefor we see the garden as a place of food production and also a place with freedom and room for ideas. It´s all about the community and neighborhood, strengthening the local ties and the individual self-efficacy.

This is how we develop lasting artistic ideas for the makeover of the house and yard. We are trying out possible ways to use the garden as a place for crops and flowers to save the bees. We are planning on building islands to relax and enjoy out of used materials and leftovers. For example, we´ll build sitting possibilities out of wood. In the basement and the art studio is also going to be a collecting point of used materials. There are also plans for vacant properties close to our school.

The whole project is developed from the class “Erzieher 17” and under the leading of the teacher Mrs. Fleischer. Twelve groups will be working on different projects during the next days. They are getting support from teachers and other staff. There are also interesting cooperation partners, which are helping us to implement our plans. These Partners are: REWE Supermarkt with Rico Adolph, die Initiativ- und Plangruppe Kesselberg e.V. with Hartmut Wolter, the Quartiermanagement Fürstenwalde Nord with Katrin Kaiser und Robert Meldt.

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